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A day in Tangail is a moment frozen in time as you crack puffed rice, remove husk from rice and more. The prized experience is engaging in the art of weaving of rich traditional cottons and silks using the original hand looms that can be found only in this part of the world. Listen to live folk music that tell the real stories of Organic farming with the New Farmer's Movement.

A day in Tangail is filled with soulful learning, a blast from the past and the lost art of the human touch that we long for in our daily lives. Each activity offers an essence of experiential learning that takes you have to our roots no matter where our journey began.


At UBINIG, they have worked for the past 28 years to celebrate life and transform society through community based learning at Biddhagarh “House of Knowledge” research centers in villages all over Bangladesh.

Textiles Weaving Village

Tangail is the heart of textiles and handicrafts in Bangladesh where you hear an entire village of people working on their pit looms and handlooms, weaving cotton saris of the brightest color and combinations. The stories of merchants from different parts of the Indian continent made this their home and have kept this precious art of weaving alive to this day. Work of Prabartana has nurtured the art of handloom handicrafts and weaving in Bangladesh.

New Farmers Movement

Songs, poetry, community based Seed banks, organic nurseries all showcase sustainable living and empowerment. This movt. Helped farmers to go back to organic farming with organic seeds and fertilizers.

A Meal at UBINIG

Having a meal at UBINIG is a real treat with vegetables and fruits grown in their community gardens. The meats, fish and hens are all straight from the markets near by supported by all their community farmers. The vegetables taste sweet and the food truly feels like it was cooked with love.

The Human Touch

Every activity that is experienced at Tangail is an act of the human spirit that meets creativity and community service and dynamic craftsmanship.


A street in Tangail is filled with little workshops of people working by a torch and a candlelight creating the most intricate silver jewelry, that mostly are purchased by large distributors like Aarong (part of the largest NGO in the world). The size of the workshops is deceptive, but their work speaks for themselves.

Korotia Haat

Once a week, the local market trades anywhere from 500- 5000 woven saris from Tangail that are consumed by the local population of 100s of million people in Bangladesh. This is the sari of the working women, a weave of cotton or silk that represents our heritage, our history, and our craftsmanship.

What's Included

  • Meals: 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch
  • Transport: All local land transport and included sightseeing
  • A dedicated crew with an experienced logistics manager and english speaking guides
  • Local taxes & service Charges
  • One hour of vegetable dye and vegetable printing
  • Evening of live music
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Tangail of Bangladesh

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