Education & Voluntourism

Bangladesh is a land of 30,000 non profit organization and hundreds of research centers in Education, Public Health, Agriculture, Women Empowerment etc., making it the place to be for learning. This unusual dynamics has created an amazing environment for organizations to evolve in structure, strategy and execution of their programs. These programs have successfully reached out to the masses, engage with them and collaborate on creating impact together! What better way to make a difference?

  • Global Education Trip

    global edication trip in bangladesh

    We arrange research experiences across multiple disciplines in schools so that you and your classmates may make the most of your time in more

  • Microcredit Trip

    microcredit trip in bangladesh

    We design your visits to different micro credit organizations so you can understand how they are the same and how they are different.

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  • Research

    research in bangladesh

    Our research and academic clients use the expertise at Experience Bangladesh to coordinate their research, get their preliminary footwork done even before they arrive and use our "follow up" communications & research services.ead more

  • Volunteer Trip

    volunteer trip in bangladesh

    Volunteer opportunities are matched carefully based on your area of interest, duration of stay and organizations to work with.

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