volunteer trip in bangladesh

Volunteer Trip

Volunteer opportunities are matched carefully based on your area of interest, duration of stay and organizations with opportunities to work with. Below are a sample list of Volunteer and Internship opportunities to get you all fired up!

Our Featured collaborators:

  • Health


    Organization: Ashiq Foundation
    Position: Fund Raising Coordinator
    Duration: 1 month Minimum
    Benifits: Room & Board subsidized by the Organization



    Organization: Prabartana
    Position for Interns:
    Special Events coordinator
    Product Marketing Analyst

  • Education

    AK Khan

    Organization: AK Khan Health Care Trust
    Nurse Training Program Coordinator
    Health Services Trainer
    Duration: Minimum 6 weeks
    Benifits: Room & Board subsidized by the Organization



    Organization: Jaago
    Position for Volunteers:
    Volunteer Trainer and Coordinator
    Events Coordinator
    Fund Raising Coordinator
    Duration: 4 weeks minimum

  • Tourism

    Asian B&B

    Organization: Asian Bed & Breakfast Network
    Positions for Volunteers:
    Gain experience in creating systems, data collection & analysis
    Benifits: Food Stipend & Domestic Travel expenses are paid for
    Village Experience Coordinator
    Benefits: Experience & Exposure on working in rural areas, gain skills in communications, research and collaborating with global communities
    Food Stipend & DomesticTravel expenses are paid for


    Asian B&B

    Webcontent writer
    Gain Experience in travel content writing & learn how to create messaging appropriate for Emerging Markets
    Benifits: Room & Board subsidized by the Organization