microcredit in bangladesh

Microcredit Trip

We understand what it means for Bangladesh to be the holy grail of micro credit. We not only design the experience so that our clients meet some of the best organizations that have pioneered microcredit in the world, but also set up meetings with key people of their individual programs so our clients get a holistic and comprehensive picture.

  • Exposure Trip

    microcredit trip in bangladesh

    We orchestrate custom experiences with only the best programs of different micro credit organizations so that our clients can easily compare their strengths and structure

  • Volunteer & Sabbaticals

    global education trip

    Our clients are completely equipped with custom design of their short or extended sabbaticals that are they get the most out of their experience and meet the most meaningful people & organizations. We understand that the objective is to create the right "life changing" environment so that our clients can exchange ideas with organizations, global communities and touch lives.

  • Comparative Research

    Since we are the single point of contact for logistics, networks and research, we design extensive programs that help our educational clients gain a good understanding through short trips and offer all the local team support so that the students and faculty can continue to follow the progress of their projects