Global Education Trip

Explore all the ways you can see, think, feel & respond to the world. Experience, encounter with extraordinary minds, communities, engage and mingle with the spirit of a country.

We work with Universities and Educational Institutions who offer their students hands on experiences and opportunities to create impact in global communities.

Our clients are student and/or interdisciplinary custom projects that create environments for Experiential learning

We provide research & logistics management for:

  • Global Education Trip and Sustainable Environment Projects

    Sustainable Environment Projects

    Bangladesh is the land of the largest mangrove forest in the world and is home to some of the most interesting endangered species of flora and fauna esp. birds. Experience Bangladesh helps Educational Institutions research and execute their conservation, ecology and reforestation projects based on their areas of interest & specifications.

  • development projects in bangladesh

    Development Projects

    We carefully weave your objectives for Student Engagement in Education Development (SEED) projects across multiple disciplines with our networks, access to academic and specialized research organizations and locations where you can create the most impact.

  • global culture in bangladesh

    Global Cultural Experiences

    Experience Bangladesh creates custom trips so that our clients can experience the complexities of diversity, immerse in local culture, visit innovative projects, absorb multiple perspectives, engage in ceremonial or religious events & festivals based on seasons. At the end of these life changing experiences, our clients research, revisit their personal journey, share, seek and find peace of spirit, embrace diversity and GROW