What to ware in Bangladesh

What to wear in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a tropical paradise. The weather is similar to that of India, Thailand or Hawaii. From March to October, during the summer, lightweight, breathable clothes are the best option. Natural cottons are the most comfortable. It gets a little cold in the winter months, so a light jacket or sweater is advisable. Wearing a shawl during the winter is fashionable and convenient.

The country is quite liberal.  However, in order to be respectful of local culture and to “attempt” to blend, you are advised to wear clothes that cover as much of the body, arms and legs as is comfortable.  Covering the head is not necessary for women.

Wearing local clothes that resemble skinny jeans made of cottons or silks, and tunics with scarves to match is fashionable and traditional at the same time. Most women wear sari's and it is certainly a fun experience for anyone to try wearing one!

Shopping for the finest cottons, muslins & silks of the highest quality is a very good buy in Bangladesh. You get the satisfaction of making an intricately designed cloth representing this culture and age old tradition, your own.