Public Holidays Of Bangladesh

Public Holidays Of Bangladesh

21st February

International Mother Language Day

26th March

Independence Day

1st May

International Labor Day

1st Monday in July

Bank Holiday

16th December

Victory Day

31st December

New Year's Eve

Islamic Holidays:
·      Prophets Birthday

·       Shab e Qadr

·       Eid ul Fitr

·       Eid ul Adha

Hindu Holidays:

·       Janmashtami: Set 2nd

.       Durga Puja: Oct 14

·       Diwalli: Nov 5th

Buddhist Holidays:

·      Buddha purnima: 27th May

Christian Holidays:

·      Christmas Dec 25th

Highlights of religious holidays:

Eid ul Fitr

Muslims celebrate Eid ul fitr after a month long fasting of Ramadan. Bangladeshis start this day by taking part in a morning prayer with other Muslims. And then they visit friends, exchange gifts and eat!

Durga Puja

Is a 10 day festival of the Hindu community associated with vanquishing demons, in particular Rama's( Hindu God) victory over Ravana (devil) in the Ramayana  (religious book of the hindus), and Durga's ( Hindu goddess) victory over the buffalo-headed Mahishasura. The hindu community brings out a huge array of celebrations the centre of which is worshipping the God and Goddess, at various temples. Local performance clubs reinact the legend which is a worthy watch, and on the final day of celebration the devotees sacrifice the clay made idols in the river, many people  make it a point to watch that too.

Buddha Purnima

On this day Buddhists commemorate the birth and enlightenment of Buddha. ‘Purnima’ means ‘full moon’ and Buddha Purnima is considered to occur on the first full-moon of the Bengali month of Baishakh.


The Christian community celebrates birth of Jesus on the 25th of December. The locals also refer to it as bara din, big day. Celebrations start with the streets and homes taking on the form of Christmas wonderlands, with trees, branches and lights adorning houses and lining streets, a feeling of compassion and understanding begins to fill the air. The St. Mary’s Church in Dhaka hosts gatherings where you will find people belonging to the Christian community from all walks of life turning life into laughter joy, sharing as they sing along Christmas carols. The Hotel Sheraton Hosts a grand party in the evening where Santa Clause pampers kids with gifts and offerings.