Festivals Of Bangladesh

Festivals Of Bangladesh

Twice a year, the streets burst into splashes of color! It is the perfect time to capture some of the brightest moments on camera of women in freshly pressed bright colored saris and flowers in their hair. These festivals are marked by masked parades, classical music concerts and dance performances at numerous venues around the country, especially in the major cities.

Pahela Falgun, The First Day of Spring - 13th February

The first day of spring is marked by traditional festivities and colourful programs. The day is celebrated by young women adorning bright flowers in their hair, wearing bright saris while singing and taking part in the joyous activities.


Pahela Baishakh, Bengali New Year - April 14th

Bangladeshis celebrate the 1st day of the Bengali calendar with characteristic splendor, especially in Dhaka city. The day begins as the very first rays of the sun hit the ground. Thousands of citizens start this day is by visiting ‘Ramna Park" in the first hours of dawn, where singers from local cultural clubs perform at music programs to embrace the New Year. This place is where the spirit of celebrating the Bengali New Year starts and continues throughout the day. Another popular spot for cultural programs is Robindro Shoroni at Dhanmondi, where the younger crowd celebrate also dressed in red and white saris and panjabis. These fairs have everything traditional- handicrafts, snacks, snake charmers, cockfights, and so everyone gets a chance to be entertained and amused the Bangladeshi way.

One not -to-be-missed event on Pahela Boishakh is the parade led by the students of Charukala, the Institue of Fine Arts of the University of Dhaka. The students religiously create colorful new masks and effigies every year, which they show off in the main streets.

In the afternoon most people head to the ‘melas’, local fairs that have everything from cloth stores to traditional ferris wheels! In the evening, drama and poetry performances at Bailey Road and Chayanaut are greatly admired. In fact, a lot of playwrights wait for Pahela Boishakh to release their latest works.