Electrical Appliances Of Bangladesh

Electrical Appliances Of Bangladesh

Electrical appliances use 220 volt supply, which is the same as it is in Europe. If you’re using American appliances with 110 volt supply, you will need a voltage adapter and a socket adapter.  

Most laptops, phones, video & digital cameras come with built in adapter and require no adapters. You will need the socket adapter though.

Types C and G are used in Bangladesh. You can get these adapters at individual hardware stores and in the shopping malls. In Dhaka, you will find hardware stores in the Gulshan markets, the Mohammadpur area and in the Mohakhali area. To spot these stores, click on the map.

Plugs & Adapters

US gadgets have prongs that need a simple adapter to fit into the round-holed socket of the outlets in Bangladesh. If you are planning to work at cafes a lot, it is recommended to pick up a multi-plug, an extension cord and a prong adapter. As for voltage converters, most camcorders, cameras, laptops etc. come with built-in voltage adapters and do not require any additional gadgets for compatibility.