Eat Out & Tipping in Bangladesh

Eat Out and Tipping in Bangladesh

Eating out:

Bangladeshis live to eat. From centuries old traditional food to international food or even fast food, you will find everything here. Like anywhere in the world, the price-range varies based on ambience & location.

The Bangladesh staple is rice and hilsa fish, which well, being the staple food, is available everywhere, in almost every household or restaurant serving Bangladeshi cuisine. We are also well known for a huge range of sweet dishes, so if you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on our local desserts: rice pudding-firni, milk balls in milk gravy -ros malai, sweet in sugar syrup- rosgolla, kalojam, orange sweet rice-jorda and the sweet yoghurt made with the thickest milk-doi. Eating seasonal fruits like mangoes, lychees, coconut and jackfruit, our national fruit, is an equally unforgettable experience. Only the adventurous and those who want to truly taste traditional Bangladeshi cuisine go to the Old Dhaka region to eat.


Many restaurants have a service charge included in their bills. For those restaurants in which service charge is not inclusive, the customer can opt to tip about 5% of the bill to servers.