Ship Building in Bangladesh


Ship Building in Bangladesh

Why Bangladesh?

  • Bangladesh is set to emerge as a new export leader for building small ships after cutting deals worth over $ 250 million last year alone.
  • Government has already granted the industry partial Green Channel status, which means no customs duties on imports of raw materials and components of ship building.
  • Bangladesh has surfaced itself as a new destination for companies seeking construction of small ocean-going vessels as it offers skilled labor at very cost efficient wages
  • Since South Korea, China and Vietnam have moved to building larger vessels that require fewer people to build, the manufacturing base for small vessel building has naturally veered to Bangladesh.

What is the size of the global market?

  • Global market for small ships is now about $400 billion.


Recent Deals:

  • The first ship- a 2,900 DWT multi-purpose vessel delivered to the Danish investors, which was the first of a series of 14 ships ordered.
  • Ananda shipyard signed deals worth $100 million with two German shipping companies to build eight vessels with capacity for 325 containers by June 2010.