Area Of Bangladesh

Area Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the largest delta in the world with the sacred river Ganges and Jamuna flowing into the Bay of Bengal through Bangladesh. The alluvial sediments that deposit here form some of the most fertile soil in the world.

Its 56,977 sq miles area makes it around the same size as the state of Wisconsin in the U.S. or 147,570 sq km, which is an area a little larger than Greece.

Over 90% of the country is composed of alluvial plains less than 10m above sea level which makes Bangladesh most prone to the effects of Global Warming.

10% of the country gets flooded with just 3ft rise in sea levels. We have already lost 2 of our islands in the forest of Sundarban (home of the tigers) permanently last year, because of the effects of Global Warming.

Bangladesh has the largest mangrove forests in the world that are home to the gorgeous endangered Royal Bengal Tigers.